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Armour Welding Mat. Tr. LLC was founded in 2012 according to the laws of the UAE. We are a leading supplier to the steel fabrication Industries & oil field sectors with its high reputation within the Industry. We meet the customers ever changing needs through dependable service and continual expansion of product lines.

We deals in major brands like ESAB, LINCOLN, SPECIAL METAL, SANDVIK, VICTOR, GAAM, GOLD, KISWEL, ABICOR BINZEL, 3M, CROSSWELD, THERMO LEX and also Supply Welding Equipments, Consumables, Gas cutting & Safety Products Sourcing in various fields with a client base of all GCC countries covering Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Our Key Objectives as a Trading Company

Quality in all products we offer, and as expected by our customers.
Price competitiveness in all the commodities and products we offer; reliability of supply from source. We bring value and increased profitability to our clients by providing solutions that avoid downtime and ensure an efficient and productive.

AWM Supplies & Services strives to broaden and strengthen their existing relationships. We also want to establish lasting and mutually beneficial associations with new companies worldwide.